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About WebKOM

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WebKOM is a WWW-interface for LysKOM[extern länk] . The goal is a simple, easy-to-use client.


WebKOM is free software, licensed under GPL.


The following people have in one way or another contributed to WebKOM:

Peter Åstrand (project starter, most of implementation)[extern länk]
Kent Engström (python-lyskom)
Per Cederqvist (LysKOM server etc.)
Erik Forsberg (implementation)[extern länk]
Kjell Enblom
Niklas Lindgren
Eva Isaksson (Finnish translation)[extern länk]


WebKOM is written in Python and is a persistent, threaded FastCGI[extern länk] application. The HTML code is generated by HTMLgen[extern länk] .


Translations are provided by the GNU gettext library. The following translations are installed on this system:
sv, en, fi

Web page

You can find more information about WebKOM on the homepage.[extern länk]

Bugs and feedback

There is a list with known bugs[extern länk] in the Bugzilla at Lysator. It should be used for bug reports, feature requests and general feedback.
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